LA Pizza Festival

Pizza Marketing Quarterly

JULIA PERRI the host of the LA Pizza Festival first stop of the National Pizza Festival.

Julia Perri an Australian and of Italian heritage, so generously hosts the 2011 Pizza Festival in Los Angeles with the top Pizza Chefs, the #1 beers, sprits, and wines from all over the globe.  Her passion for film and philanthropy come together at this celebrity meets Pizza events with the top Italian actors and actress in Los Angeles to support children's cancer causes.

Aside from her love of acting and the film industry, Julia has a number of other interests. Running, yoga and meditation are part of her daily routine, keeping a healthy mind, body and soul. Guitar and music are a part of her life, her favorite artists include Red Hot Chili Peppers and Bon Jovi. She loves art, adventures, philosophy, psychology, traveling the world and exploring, different cultures, food, Space and reading. Julia’s favorite actresses include Julia Roberts and Kate Winslet. Favorite actors include Adam Sandler, Robert Downey Jr and Al Pacino.

Welcome to the Pizza Festival

The pizza festival is a series of special events in 15 states from NY to Chicago to LA bringing the best pizza makers together for a celebration of Pizza.  The festival features several competitions to pick the best pizza in each city.  

November 12, 2011 Los Angeles (Tickets On sale now)